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Como hacer que me funcione el plexus en la raspberry

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Hola chicos estoy ya hace unos meses intentando ver arenavision desde mi raspberry y el kodi (openelec) , pero consigo instalar el plexus e incluso me pongo en contacto con las raspb , con el putty para meterles unos comandos , pero no consigo que me funcione , al dar un enlace me da un mensaje de " torrent not available or invalid " .

Podríais ayudarme por favor .

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Te pego el post que hice en menéame:


En la página www.pluginsxbmc.com/ tienes toda la información. Primero instala pelisalacarta con el nuevo complemento deportes y después Plexus que te instalará acestream y Sopcast. Si no se te abren los canales sigue estos pasos:


Acestream Engine, (as of 28/04/2016) unofficial version 3.1.5, for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.


Unofficial because it is closed source and the Acestream developers do not provide binaries for Linux ARM (only for more popular platforms), so no official support for the Raspberry Pi.

And as some may know, the Acestream Engine/module for the Raspberry Pi from the Plexus Kodi addon, stopped working recently, so this is the updated engine to fix it.



### Installation ###


For this to work, you need the Plexus Addon already installed in Kodi. The Plexus Kodi addon was discontinued by the developer but it still works. You can find it easily on the web.


Then open a virtual terminal, for example via SSH, and run the following commands (you can copy/paste to terminal):


cd ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/program.plexus

sudo rm -r acestream

wget dl.bintray.com/pipplware/dists/unstable/armv7/misc/acestream_rpi_3.1.5

tar xfv acestream_rpi_3.1.5.tar.gz


Done. Then you can play acestreams again.


PS: If you are running an OS as root, like OpenELEC, you may need to remove the "sudo" on the second line.



### Notes ###


Another way that may work is to download the tarball, and via network, extract it to the correct directory. This was not tested!


It is also possible to use this acestream engine without the need to install the Plexus addon, like standalone mode, but it may depend on your OS. There are already some tutorials on how to do this, so do some web searches if you want it.

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marioquartz #54 marioquartz 10/09/2016 14:04

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