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Hola chicos, les comparto mi config de conky, espero la disfruten...

Una captura de mi pantalla con el tema


background yes

use_xft yes

xftfont URW Gothic L:size=9

xftalpha 1

update_interval 1.0

total_run_times 0

own_window yes

own_window_transparent yes

own_window_type desktop

#own_window_argb_visual yes

own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

double_buffer yes

minimum_size 200 200

maximum_width 240

draw_shades no

draw_outline yes

draw_borders no

draw_graph_borders no

default_shade_color 000000

default_color ffffff

default_outline_color 000000

alignment top_right

gap_x 12

gap_y 125

no_buffers yes

uppercase no

cpu_avg_samples 2

override_utf8_locale no




${voffset -10}${alignc 50}${color #ffffff}${font URW Gothic L:size=40}${time %H:%M}${font}${color}

${voffset 4}${alignc 8}${voffset 1}${font :size=10}${time %A %d %B %Y}


${font URW Gothic L:size=14}Sistema ${hr 2}${font}


${font URW Gothic L:size=16}${font} CPU1: ${alignr}${cpu cpu1}%

${font URW Gothic L:size=16}${font} CPU2: ${alignr}${cpu cpu2}%

${font URW Gothic L:size=16}${font} RAM: ${alignr}$memperc%

${font URW Gothic L:size=16}${font} Uptime: ${alignr}${uptime}


${font URW Gothic L:size=14}Espacio ${hr 2}${font}


${voffset 4}${font URW Gothic L:size=14}${font} ${voffset -5}USB: ${alignr}${fs_free_perc /} % libre


P.D: a medida que valla cambiando voy posteando las configuraciones

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No es dificil aprender a configurarlo, y, aunque existen tutos por la net, a prueba y error se aprende mas n_n

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