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  1. Hello, I need to read or print the values of my access.log file with command line of a particular date and time with request time greater than 1000ms. my log format is as follows LogFormat "%h|%{z-tid}o|%u|%t|%X|%{ms}Tms|[%>s]%m|%U|%q|%{Referer}i|[%b bytes]" CHG000000079753 example:|-|cn=I70104758,ou=UsuariosInt,ou=entidades,|[06/May/2020:17:08:08 +0200]|+|6ms|[200]GET|/sites/Satellite|https://ficha/|[678 bytes] I did try: grep "06/May/2020:17" access.log | | awk '{print "time: " $0}' this I get all request in "[06/May/2020:17" now I need all request that greater than > $timetaken and $timetaken<=less equals but i dont know how I can get this value var. Could you help me?
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